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Now available as free download:

Change your ss Hydrograaf into the Pakjesboot12! Just 2 months are left to meet Sinterklaas again when he arrives with the Pakjesboot 12 from Spain. You can now turn your model of the ss Hydrograaf (temporarely) into the Pakjesboot 12.

Use your imagination and create a diorama of the arrival of Sint and his black and... multi-coloured Pieten. Of course, Sint has not forgotten to bring presents for all of us with him. Please, sent your photographs after finalizing your model!











1) World of Paperships model: s.s. Hydrograaf

After the publication of the unusual and rather unknown Dutch traditional sailing barge type, the Enterse Zomp, World of Paperships has published another model. This is a former Royal Dutch Navy hydrographic vessel, the ss "Hydrograaf" at scale 1: 100.

The Hydrograaf has been known as "the ship of the Queen' because Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands used the ship in the twenties for official visits to sea-located Dutch regions. Meanwhile, also our present King, Willem Alexander and other dignitaries have made their appearance on board.

The Hydrograaf is a former steamboat, built in 1910 at Dutch Shipyard Fijenoord Rotterdam.
(Length: 40.5 m, width: 6,70 m, depth: 1.80 m).

The ship was used by the Dutch  Royal Navy as a hydrographic survey vessel under registration number
A 901. On board of  the ship, depth measurements were performed to identify the Dutch coastal waters. During WW2 the Hydrograaf moved to England where it served as host ship for minesweeping services. At the end of the war, depth measurements were made on behalf of the Allies to recover the seaway to Antwerp. After that, the  ship assisted in clearing mines near the Lauwerszee in the North of The Netherlands. In 1962 the ship was decommissioned. The ship was transferred to the Dutch sea scouts, consecutively in Rotterdam, Den Helder and Amsterdam.

At the end of 1983 the ship was sold to a private in-dividual. Its outside  was  restored, the steamboiler was removed and replaced by two Rolls-Royce diesel engines.
Inside the ship a  stylish interior was created to make group cruises. The ship has a stylish deck deckhouse with great view and a beautifull  lounge with a cozy bar. On deck there is plenty of room with seating. During Sail Amsterdam 1985, the ship made her debut as a passenger salon boat. Since then Hydrograaf can be rented for events and parties and is a regular guest at many sail events in Europe.

Pakketboot 12:
The Hydrograaf is wellknown among the Dutch as the Pakjesboot 12. This is the steamship which brings Sinterklaas and his assistants the Pieten, from Spain to Holland around half of November. The ship is fully loaded with presents for the children which ware delivered at their house on Sinterklaas birthday the 5th of December. For this occasion, the Hydrograaf is converted into Pakjesboot 12 which arrives each year in a different coastal place in Holland. Until 2004, the smoke from the steam pipe was produced by smoke pots  because the boat is not steam-powered anymore since 1983. Just have a look at YouTube to attend this typical Dutch festival,watch the happy children faces and get a good impression of this beautifull, characteristic ship!

Renting the Hydrograaf.
Feel like the Dutch Royal family and book a boat trip with this particular ship. On the website you will find all the information for a memorable stay on board. The ship is ideal for business receptions, weddings and celebrations.

The model:

The model is deisgned by WoP in full cooperation with the owner and technical staff of the ship. Literally hundreds of photographs were made by Johan Lambers, the technical man of the crew. Together with the original plans of the ship they formed the solid base to create this cardmodel. Almost every detail of the ship can be found on a total of 9 A4 sheets which are printed in full colour digital offset.

However, when you are less patienced or a less experienced builder: don't worry! Many parts can be omitted; this is clearly indicted in the illustrated step-by-step building instructions.

Creation of a Sinterklaas diorama.

An extra sheet is available as a free download to create a typical Dutch diorama based upon a typical Dutch tradition: the arrival of Sinterklaas in Holland at the 5th of Decemberafter a long trip by steamboat from Spain with a ship fully loaded with presents for the children (and grown-ups!)!

Sinterklaas, his horse, his assistants: the Pieten and transport boxes for the presents. Some Pieten are not coloured yet so you can give the diorama your own idendity!  

Lasercut set ss Hydrograaf:

A lasercut set with many parts is available. This contains railings, parts of the anchor winch, main deck chairs etc.


German construction instructions for ss Hydrograaf

German construction instructions for the Hydrograaf will become available. Select this link to download the .pdf file.

2) Information on WoP's printing policy.

Cardmodel sales numbers are relative low; therefore WoP printing numbers per model are relative low. Of most most models the sales numbers are going down after their launching period. Every new model of WoP is printed in digital offset printing and if possible required reprints are also printed by this technique. When sales numbers are further going down and the model runs out of stock, it might be possible that the model will be printed by colour inkjet. I do not apply laserjet colour prints due to the risk of the colourpigment breaking off the paper when folded.

2) New updated pricelist, order page (per 1st of January 2017)

WoP's prices have not been changed since Januari 2014! However, printing costs have steadily been rising and postage costs of NLPost since then have been exploded!Therefore it has been unavoidable to raise the price of some but not all models!

The order page mentions two prizes: a prize for orders within NL and outside. We are sorry for the relative high postage costs which are the result of the Dutch Postal Services prizing policy.

In case you want to order one or more models including a lasercut set, please sent me an email to enable me to sent a combined order to reduce postal costs for you.

Important for German customers: Oldenzaal is close to the German border, if possible I can therefore sent larger orders > 35 euro through Deutsche Post to reduce postage costs!

At this moment I am working on two new models: a Portugese sailing fishing boat and a Thai fisherman. Both are characterised by their abundancy of bright colours!

Lasercuts sets:

WoP is extending its range of lasercut details sets for all published models. They may contain details such as the railings, open side covers of the paddlewheel boxes, paddlewheel sides, anchor, seat supports etc. These sets enable also less experienced builders to create models which are hardly recognizable as a paper models anymore.

Be aware that the lasercut sets do not replace the cardmodel itself. They are NOT a full pre-cut model!

Free download models:

An extra page has been added for free downloads that are made available by WoP. They are free cof costs but only meant for personal use!

About World of Paperships:

WoP was founded in November 2008 by Jeroen van den Worm, Dutch cardboard model-builder, designer and former cartographer /lecturer / consultant.
His experience in shipmodel-building includes classic-type wooden sailing ships (of which some are rewarded of being of museum quality) as well as plastic kits and every thinkable kind of cardboard model. This combined with long-standing professional experience in the application of graphic design software, enables him to design models that will appeal to beginners as well as experienced builders. WoP is based in the Dutch small historical city of Oldenzaal, in the eastern part of the Netherlands near the German border.

World of Paperships
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Former Royal Dutch Navy hydrograhioc vessel / salonboat ss "Hydrograaf".

Scale 1:100, length 40,5 cm.

1x 200 grams A4 sheet double sided printed; 6 x 200 gr A4 single sided printed and two 160 grams A4 sheets single sided printed.

To facilitate construction of the ship it is accompanied by a total of 10 instruction sheets (Dutch and English) and many construction diagrams.



Enterse Zomp "De Vriendschap"

Scale 1: 50, length 30 cm.

This is a model of a replica of a rare, traditional Dutch open, inland canal and river barge .

With only 20 parts this model is also suitable for children > 8 years or less experienced modelbuilders.

The instructions are illustrated by step-by-step photographs.




Enterse Zomp "Reg door Zee"
Scale 1: 100, length 15 cm.

Almost the same in appearance as its contemporary replica "De Vriendschap", this kit has many additional parts to create a detailed model of the oldest zomp of the Netherlands. The scale 1: 100 makes it also suitable for display on a HO railway.

A brown cardboard lasercut set with smaller or more fragile parts such as frames, leeboard and rudder fittings can be ordered separately.